Jungle Scout Alternatives Explained

posted on 2020 03 5 Thursday 01:41

Meta-Description: Jungle Scout is a versatile product-tracking tool that helps sellers establish large businesses on Amazon. However, there are various alternatives that can take its place and help sellers do more.

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Top 10 Jungle Scout Alternatives (Free & Paid)


When sellers talk about the best product search tool on Amazon, they definitely mean Jungle Scout. The tool is available in two forms: a web app or a chrome extension. There are two groups of Jungle scout:

(1) Paid Jungle Scout alternatives

(2) Free Jungle Scout alternatives

The top Jungle Scout alternatives include:

·       IO Scout (100-150)

·       Helium 10 (100)

·       AmazeOwl (100)

·       Jump Send (100)

·       Unicorn Smasher (100)

·       Viral Launch (100)

·       Keepa (100)

·       CamelCamelCamel (100)

·       Sellics (100)

·       Sonar (100)

IO Scout

IO Scout is a perfect tool used for online retail and Private Labels. Compared to other solutions, it could gain most sellers' consensus that it is the best tool on Amazon. Sellers also allege that it is a good alternative to Jungle scout.   

Io Scout is a paid alternative. However, sellers can start a free trial. The prices system goes as follows:

Jungle Scout Alternative

·       Monthly price ranges from $20 per month as a startup to $49 per month for sellers and $69 per month for businesses, with 25% off.

·       Yearly price ranges from $14.5 a startup to $24.5 for sellers and 34.5 for businesses, with 62.5% off.

·       IO Scout free trial? Yes. You can enjoy your free trial any time.

Helium 10 

It is one of the well-known Jungle Scout free alternatives, paid and for free. Check seasonal trends https://ioscout.io/trends-and-history and find your products! You might be astonished when you know that Helium 10 is more accurate than Jungle Scout. It is also more accurate than Jungle Scout.

free alternative to jungle scout

The free version is available for chrome Extension. Using it, you will be able to make 50 requests. You are requested to sign up before you enjoy the free trial.

·       The platinum plan costs $97 per month. It is a perfect first-step package for newbie sellers. 

·       The diamond plan costs $197 per month for sellers with high capabilities and ambition.

·       The elite plan costs $397 per month. It includes seller training, and use of all features of the tool. 


The third alternative to Jungle Scout web app and Chrome Extension. If you an Amazon ambitious seller who wishes to find promising product ideas very quickly, you can use this tool, paid or for free.

The version that is free alternative to jungle scout is available for Chrome Extension. AmazeOwl can access millions of product ideas using Amazon database to find out high potential products for you.

fba pricing

The price scheme comes in three categories:

Starter (free): for entrepreneurs interested in starting an Amazon FBA business, and plan to enter competition.

Growth (paid): for sellers who want to launch their first Amazon product. The price is $12.99 per month.

Established (paid): for sellers who want to spot and set many Amazon products. The price is $19.99 per month.

Jump Send

Jump Send is also one of the best alternatives to Jungle Scout. The tool is available as paid for sellers on Amazon. When you use it, you will receive follow-up emails in the following situations:

·       after you buy your product.

·       after shipping the product.

·       after the product has been delivered.

·       after you request a refund.

amazon fba pricing

Jump Send price plan includes:

·       Starter: $29 per month with unlimited email campaigns and access to more than 100 thousand shoppers on Amazon.

·       Entrepreneur: $59 per month with unlimited email campaigns and inventory protection.

·       Business: $99 per month with premium analytics and inventory protection.

·        Enterprise: $199 per month with unlimited email campaigns and inventory protection.

 Unicorn Smasher

It is a Jungle Scout free alternative that has proven its distinction in the search for the best-selling products on Amazon. It is a Chrome extension created to help Amazon sellers track product sales and find out about pricing systems. 

jungle scout free alternatives

It also offers extensive information, including sales estimates, market analysis and many others. However, it is not as accurate as Jungle Scout is. Not many sellers on Amazon prefer using it. It is offered to sellers on Amazon for free, and it is free to download.

Viral Launch

It is a paid alternative version similar to Jungle Scout. It helps Amazon sellers achieve financial freedom and make their products bestsellers. Thanks to product idea scores and accurate data of the market, the users can choose a product that ensures their success.

similar to jungle scout

·       Beginner: for entrepreneurs who wish to launch their first product in Amazon marketplaces. It costs $40 per month.

·       Pro: for growing brands who look forward to improve their sales on Amazon. The price is $66 per month.

·       Brand Builder: for larger brands who wish to take control of their markets. It costs $100 a month.

·       Kinetic: for high brands who intend to maximize organic and PPC profits. The price is $166 per month.


A distinguished alternative to Jungle Scout. Whether you are a buyer searching for the best products on Amazon or a seller intending to track product prices, Keepa is a good solution. Keepa is your perfect tool when finding out about new markets for your customers and looking for new business opportunities.

 Keepa is regularly updated and now it requires a paid subscription. The sales rank history, buy box, review counts, and all other data are accessible for subscribers. The subscription costs less than $20.


This Amazon price tracker is a wonderful free jungle Scout alternative. It is a powerful tool that tracks hourly product pricing schemes for both new and used goods launched in Amazon marketplaces. In order to track prices perfectly, the sellers can use easy-to-read charts.

To make use of the tool, you can create a free account on its website. Once you have created your own account, you will be able to get through the price history of over 100 million Amazon products. CamelCamelCamel tracks millions of products and notifies you when prices drop, which helps you decide on the best price you will give to your product.


Sellics is known for its fluency in product and market analysis because it has all of the analytic tools that sellers need to efficiently run their business. It enables sellers to get into competition with their peers an Amazon.  

There is no free version of Sellics. However, sellers can make use of a 14-day free trial. Its pricing starts at $57 per month. Nevertheless, it offers its clients either to open a free account or to enjoy a free trial. It also offers sellers in-person training and live online webinars. Installation is available for Mac, Mobile, Android, Cloud, SaaS, Windows, and iOS.


A premium alternative to Jungle Scout that is highly efficient in tracking product prices and history on Amazon. Sellers can research Amazon keywords on sonar.

fba pricing

In fact, there is still a large gap between the developed technology and many companies that do not perfectly utilize it. This is where Sonar plays the role of mending such a gap.

Sonar is a leading Amazon tool that helps sellers on Amazon to connect with customers. It also helps sellers track their product rankings on Amazon. It is a free Amazon Keyword tool.

Final thoughts

Jungle Scout has been proven to be the best tool that can manifest various features that help sellers and vendors build large businesses on Amazon. 

However, with the advent of the latest technology, various fluent alternatives to Jungle Scout have sprung up in the field. Alternatives, such as Viral Launch, CamelCamelCamel, and other product-tracking tools, can perform as perfectly as Jungle Scout does, and may be much better. 




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