FBA Calculator - Essential Tool For Amazon Sellers

posted on 2020 03 13 Friday 14:07

  Are you thinking about expanding your business and selling your products on Amazon? Or you already started trading, but you can't clearly track your earnings? The final profit amount isn't just the product's price! There are numerous shipping, packing, marketing, and many other expenses before you profit from your selling.

What is Amazon FBA Calculator, and why should you use it?

The Amazon FBA Calculator is a convenient tool that will help you estimate your potential profits while using the FBA or even FBM model! FBA Calculator will determine margin, and it will calculate fees associated with selling products. It will help you tinker with many costs at the same time, choosing the right price and the fulfilment method to earn more profit from your selling.

  This tool is essential when it comes to an understanding your costs before launching products on your selling list. FBA Calculator for Amazon will help you avoid ending up with a small profit, or worse, losing money. 

Your expenses can be divided into three main categories:

  • Upfront expenses  (cost of merchandises, shipping, photography)
  • Unsteady expenses  (FBA fees, storage prices, returns, etc.)
  • Marketing expenses  (promotions and pay per click)

FBA Revenue Calculator is Amazon's FBA Calculator, and it will help you determine all of your costs and real-time fees, showing you exactly how much you need to pay for expenses related to FBA, and the best part - it's free!

Types of fees included in the Amazon FBA Revenue Calculator

Amazon Referral Fee

  The referral fee is Amazon's charge for listing your products on their site. They call it 'referring' shoppers to your listing, and it's usually around 15% of sale or retail price, which varies by each category. 

The minimum referral fee is around one dollar, and it's different for every selling category.

Order Handling

  This fee is related to receiving your FBA items and placing them into Amazon's warehouse storage, and it's around 1$ for each 'standard-size non-media' item. With the Amazon FBA fee calculator, you will be able to track your costs quickly for each item.

Pick & Pack

  This refers to the fees for retrieving your goods in the warehouses, packing them into a proper package with labels, and getting them ready for shipping. Labor costs are included as well.

Weight Handling

  Amazon calculates shipping costs (from the warehouse to the buyer) based upon weight. 'Free shipping' isn't actually free. FBA merchant handles the bill, but for customers, it's free. 

Monthly Storage

  You can guess by its name. Searching about how to sell on Amazon, follow https://dataguide.org/ to learn about Amazon brand registry, Amazon listing optimization etc.This is the fee for storing your goods for a month in the Amazon warehouse. It's calculated monthly and per cubic foot. FBA Calculator will help you determine exactly how much this will cost you.

Prep Service

  Fees for preparing your goods before shipment can also be found in the Amazon FBA calculator. They are charging per item for applying UPC labels or shrinking wrapped items.

FBA Calculator

When to use the Amazon FBA Revenue Calculator?

  Amazon's FBA Revenue Calculator is free, but it's only built for estimation of Amazon fees. If you want to add other costs and determinate your profits, you will need more sophisticated FBA Calculators. However, Amazon's FBA Revenue calculator is an excellent way to compare bottom-line profit estimations between Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) or Merchant (FBM) if you haven't yet started trading on Amazon.

Best Free Amazon FBA Calculators

  1. Jungle Scout  offers excellent free tools, among them FBA Calculator for Amazon sellers. One of the great features Jungle Scout has is the spreadsheet that can be customized to fit your own needs. You can easily add any other costs related to your products and track your selling profit. Also, report about your expenses and final profit can be downloaded, but be careful, as the fees inevitably change.
  2. Viral Launch  is the main competitor for Jungle Scout, so they added one extra feature that will outdo them. This FBA Calculator allows you to add up to 3 ASINs at the same time and compare the profitability of each item. Viral Launch has the Chrome extension, and it's pretty easy to use.
  3. Seller Prime  is also free and very straightforward for users. This FBA Calculator will walk you through the expenses associated with the product, samples, storage, FBA fees, and much more. This one has a Chrome extension if you want to do a quick check-up without leaving your current web page. If you're going to switch to their pro account, you can use a 7-day free trial version first.
  4. SaleCalc  is not so bad, but if you don't like to type all of the information manually, you should probably skip it. Nevertheless, it's completely free! 

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